The menù

The daily appointment with good cooking

A menu rich of tasty dishes

Among the most important dishes of our menu, you can find the Camicie, which have been created for the first time at our restaurant and which should be eaten just using your hands. They have been created for fun as a long crispy sandwich, stuffed in many different ways and then cut so to enhance the alternating layers and colors that blend together in a marriage of flavors.

The menu of Il Guscio offers a wide range of spaghetti which are always served in generous servings, following both classic or the more innovative recipes, but all prepared and served quickly.

The pizzas are prepared following either classic or Signature recipes, all of them topped with fine ingredients as for the renowned Culatello di Zibello. The bakery offer is completed by the products such as the famous “Recco” focaccia with cheese as a homage to the Liguria, region from which the owner comes from. The meat dishes are made with high quality and fine cuts, while fresh fish is purchased and delivered daily from the local fish market.
The Dessert List is very wide and all products are made each day. Our wine list counts the finest Sardinian wine producers, with special attention to local products. Our beer selection will satisfy all tastes.

Tasy and delicious


To start a pleasant dinner, our Starters are definitely the best choice since they offer the top tastes of the entire menu and will help you decide which other courses chose. Either that they are prepared with meat, fish, cold cuts, vegetables and are hot or cold, all starters combine the best tastes available.

Seafood Starters

Fried anchovies
Fried cod Ràfols
Red prawn and mango tartare
Cantabrian anchovies with croutons and burrata
Mussels “alla marinara” (cooked with Oil and parsley) or “alla portoghese” (cooked with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and chilli pepper)
* Octopus salad sauteed with local potatoes and olives
Tuna and salmon tartare
Taste of raw sea food
Blue fresh local lobster “Catalana style”
Marinated salmon cubes in balanced salt with fennel, colorful cherry tomatoes and strawberries


Burrata with Valtellina bresaola i.g.p., rocket salad and cherry tomatoes
Mixture of sardinian salted meat and cheese d.o.p.
Beef tartare
Culatello di Zibello d.o.p. (choice cut of ham) and buffalo’s mozzarella from Campania d.o.p.

Generous servings!


At Il Guscio our spaghetti are a must: we offer a variety of sauces starting from the Italian traditional ones to the more peculiar and delicious You absolutely must try our spaghetti with fresh sea food, with lobster, clams, prawns and shrimps.

Seafood Spaghetti

Al salmone

fresh salmon, cream, cherry tomatoes, onion, parsley

Al tonno

fresh tunafish, cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic, mint

Alla bottarga

botargo (mullet roe), parsley, garlic, cherry tomatoes

Alle vongole

han clams, parsley, garlic

* Pompega

cherry tomatoes, genoese pesto, prawns, garlic, parsley


han clams, botargo (mullet roe), parsley, garlic, cherry tomatoes

* Ai ricci

sea urchin meat, garlic, olive-oil

Spaghetti with red prawns

red prawns, pistachio, burrata cheese

* Alla pescatora

cherry tomatoes, prawns, Norway lobster, mussels, han clams
garlic, parsley

Al granchio faone fresco

faone crab, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, parsley, garlic

Tagliolini all’astice blu locale fresco

“tagliolini pasta”, lobster, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic

Organic pasta ``Antico Pastificio Verrigni``

La Pennotta Senatore Cappelli al salmone

fresh salmon, cream, cherry tomatoes, onion, pepper, chives

*Fusilloro ai ricci e vongole

local sea urchin meat, han clams, garlic, olive-oil



tomato sauce, bacon, chilli pepper, onion

Alla carbonara

eggs, bacon, onion, parmesan cheese

Alla puttanesca

tomato sauce, olives, pine nuts, capers, chilli pepper, origan

Alla checca

cherry tomatoes, fiordilatte mozzarella, basil

Alla bolognese

meat sauce

Al pesto genovese (genoese pesto)

basil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic, olive-oil

Del Guscio

walnuts sauce


genoese pesto, gorgonzola, chicory, cream

Intense tastes, simple dishes

The grill

Grill cooking enhances the tastes of both meat and fish dishes and to please our guests even more, we only chose the finest cuts available. One of the most appreciated dishes is the Gush Burger: bread, Chianina meat, ketchup, mustard, Tropea onion, lettuce, tomato and toma cheese. This is our true taste!


Chianina hamburger (150 gr.) served with French fries
“Gush Burger” served with french fries

bread, “Chianina” meat (Italian breeds of cattle) 150 gr, ketchup, mustard, Tropea onion, green salad, tomato, toma (typical italian cheese)

Grilled beef steak with grilled vegetables
Grilled beef served with rocket and parmesan cheese
Rib of beef served with “misticanza” salad
Breaded veal cutlet with french fries
Grilled beef fillet served with grilled vegetables


Fried Calamari
The Mixed Fried
The Fish Soup
* Sea bream fillet shaded with “vernaccia di Oristano”, with potatoes and olives
Grilled fresh salmon served with salad
Grilled fresh tuna fillet with orange and fennel salad
* Mix of grilled fish and shellfish

We use fresh, daily and colorful ingredients only!

Salads and side courses

Our salads can be ordered as a side dish or as a main course, they are always offered fresh daily and in generous servings. They are carefully prepared with high quality and certified ingredients.

The salads

Insalata mista (mixed salad)

green salad, chicory, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn

Insalata caprese

buffalo’s mozzarella from Campania, tomatoes, basil

The Greek salad

cucumber, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, local olives, oregano, Tropea onion

Side courses

French fries
Grilled vegetables

So many fresh and tasty desserts


The end of the meal is important too, regardless the main meal chosen! Therefore, we pay careful attention in preparing fresh desserts every day, to end your lunch or dinner in a sweet way. A must try are our Seadas, the traditional Sardinian dessert prepared with semolina, cheese, honey or sugar as a flavoring.


La Seadas (typical Sardinian dessert)
Lemon sorbet
“Semifreddo” (soft cream) with Bronte pistachio
“Semifreddo” (soft ice cream) with Nutella crunchy caramel almond and hazelnuts grains
The chocolate cake with a soft heart and pistachio ice cream

I dolci

Ice cream bowl
Vanilla ice-cream with Sardinia sapa
Fresh fruit salad

* In case of no fresh products, a highest quality frozen product may be used.

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